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The Zabbalin project is a reflection on the homonymous religious comunity, a Coptic Christian minority, that works as an unofficial urban garbage collector in Cairo for 70-80 years. We're talking about 70 thousand people, forced by extreme poverty, that in "Garbage City" in the neighborhood of Cairo Muqattam, recycle 80% of what they gather, while most of the global companies can recycle only 20-25% of urban garbage.
Hence the desire to highlight the phenomenon and transfigure it, deciding to make a installation colonized by vultures, made ​​with the same materials used for the realization of religious clothes and vestments
The choice of the vultures is not random, zabbalin and vultures share the same fate, both can be considered as the final part of a chain, which sees them as marginalized figures and at the same time essential for a balance.
2014 Courtesy by Sala dei Teatini - ex chiesa di San Vincenzo, Piacenza.

Materials:     iron, resin, pigments, wadding,  clothes and fabrics religious

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