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The memory, the time, and what survives of it, changing the form and meaning, are the concepts behind the installation.
In the work, the elements of different nature and origin are gathered (first epic text in cuneiform language, human skeleton and sand), aimed to compose a sort of temple of what "survives" to the time, showing this act of survival in its completion.
A large diorama of what symbolically remains.
The skeleton reppresents the physical remains of the man, that continue to exist until their complete metamorphosis in dust.
GILGAMESH, the first existant epic text, transcribed over the entire surface of the skull, becomes what of the human mind and its creative part remains through time, changing and becoming fragments of a civilization.
The cones filled with sand, which leak from their tips, are the most basic and instinctive representation of time and its effects on things.
The hyenas, made from basalt powder, become the guardians of this situation and they also become integrated in this temporal process that slowly covers them with sand, changing their color and appearance.
The work becomes an unstable particle in an infinite temporal flow.
His "stay" and his being is the result of its continuous change and evolving.

1. resin human skeleton
2. PVC cones
3. strings
4. iron hooks
5. basalt powder
6. resin and basalt powder hyenas
7. structure with metallic bars
8. wooden chair

The work consists in 5 sculptures representing hyenas in a semicircle, behind which there is a chair with a skeleton.
Above each sculpture there is a cone containing sand, which is slowly released on the sculpture itself "like an hourglass."
The cones are supported by hooks and ropes attached to the ceiling, when it is possible, otherwise they are supported by a structure realized in metal.

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