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Polignano Project
Artists in Residence
Pino Pascali Museum of Contemporary Art

The action CONTEMPORANEAMENTE – Residenze d'artista  (Simultaneously – Artist's Residencies) arises with the purpose to promote the territory of the four municipalities involved in it, through an operation of sustainable and innovative development in the field of contemporary art.
Twenty artists, Italian and foreign, arrived in Puglia to operate in fully equipped Open Spaces, made available at sites of historic value with the aim of creating a short circuit between past and present, history and contemporaneity.
In last years the residences have taken on considerable importance as a fundamental moment in the artistic paths and individual careers. Artistic mobility offers to the artists the opportunity to compare their creative process with that of the peers from other countries and cultures, to produce and to extend  their professional network. The four residences are well integrated  within the local social and cultural systems, ensuring the circulation of ideas and the visibility of works to a wide and various audience.
The exchange of experiences within the group of twenty artists who work in national and international contexts is also fundamental, and it will see as its natural ending the creating of relationships between local and guest artists. During their stay, the young artists have met four prestigious and well-known visiting-professors who have had the task to stimulate resident guests analyzing the works during the implementation process. The Open Spaces will remain open to an audience of art lovers and students who had the opportunity to see artists at work and the evolution in progress of the works.

Rosalba Branà
Director of Pino Pascali Museum

Luka Moncaleano reflects on the effects of the loss of a place, both physically and symbolically, bringing to light the ancient Benedictine abbey that was destroyed in 1932 and of which all the memory has been lost (...)

A keen interest in the social and cultural phenomena leads Luka Moncaleano to implement interventions that investigate human attitudes and reveal their new meanings. The artist from Piacenza – present in the collective 900 in Arte Confini Globali (Global Art Borders), promoted by Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation (2013) – makes use of a vast repertoire of iconographic and linguistic codes to represent, with subtle conceptual games, the oscillation between the permanence and transitiveness of ways of being and thinking. Protagonist of Moncaleano's work is the body, a scene of a sensory process that brings back stories, enriching them with new interpretations, as in tableaux vivants or installations that call the public to interact with multiple time levels. The correspondence between change and duration governs also the "challenge to the memory" launched by the artist for the Residence, that is to revive in the local awareness an urban element of Polignano, of which all trace seems to have been lost.

Anna D'Elia
Art Historian, Curator

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