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The basic concept of work is an analysis of reports of interaction between people and the single individual with himself, bringing out particularly that part which in psychology is called "shadow", which combines all the unconscious behavior of the individual, fundamental in the society and for the full understanding of life. This concept of shadow is shown and observed in its life process from a hypothetical birth through the phase of maximum expression and vitality to its decline and complete annihilation.
"Everyone is followed by a shadow. Less this shadow is incorporated in the individual's conscious life, the more is black and dense. "C. Jung
As a natural development from these observations emerges the concept of intimate, personal, social and public space, subject of the study of proxemics. In this view, the shadow, as well as visual element and transposition of the unconscious, becomes the yardstick that determines the distance of human relationships.

Duration : 10’39"

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