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How to kill a God - Project
Year 2015
Rio de Janeiro

Luka Moncaleano   has as a starting point for his research historical issues related to customs, cultural phenomena, the social order. Nothing is what it seems, or at least not only that. His works, which unfold in performances, videos, objects and installations, cast doubt on what we take for granted, jeopardizing the world as we know it. Interested in different (and often obscure) versions about the origin of Carnival in different cultures, the artist presents a video in which the main character is a sort of a "big totem" which was created from the mixture of different cultural references, some more religious, others found in nature. Another work is a pair of shoes made by the artist himself, inspired by the Greek theater boots. These shoes with their huge heels, were used to enhance the actors presence on stage, giving them an almost divine character. Extremely vertical, the shoes also end up appearing as a symbol of the connection between the Earth and the "high level", like the columns and the trees present in medieval and Renaissance paintings, which represent some biblical passages as "The Annunciation".

Text by Fernanda Lopes
Art Historian, Curator, Journalist.

Video: 35 min
Installation:  Shoes for a performance
materials: wood, religious fabrics,
leather, coffee

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