In the last century, all the researches of the state –of-the-art scientific, literary and artistic have stirred toward the discovery of the mutual incommensurable of the different types of language” Lyotard

The No profit Organization “The Format “,has always individualized in the research and in the experimentation in the Arts, the good mean to help the progress of the collectivity and to overcome the crisis formative- reflexive currently in progress.

For this motive ”The Format” has reached the determination to launch:

THE FORMAT FOLLOW”1st edition 2014

Call for artist” to individualize a maximum of 20 Artists, without limitation of language and techniques, that have never the less in their artistic production a high-level of research and experimentation.


Final Show March 26 April 18 2015

Via Giovanni Enrico Pestalozzi 10 int 32 (20143) Milano