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The work is a project, a process born and evolved from a performance and a consecutive photo, as supporting documentation, with the aim of creating a self-portrait
As a result of this work a photographic and performative process has been created, which, exploring into my past gave rise to memories and games played with needle and thread in my past. The work deals with the theme of the body, not as a means or instrument on which to act deliberately, but as the body in the highest sense of the word, unique in appearance, skills and perceptions.
To follow, there is a concept of pain to be brought up, without throwing it in the foreground as a protagonist of the work. Indeed, it is considered but also put aside, changing of significance in aesthetic element, a kind of aesthetic of the pain. No more the performer immortalized in the shot, but the viewer becomes the abstract bearer of this pain. Returning to the body, it lives and it represents a dual limit situation, the one imposed by the jewelry worn and embroideries that adorn it, and the boundary condition that accompanies it on a daily basis.
Differently with regard to the creative process, it was a series of distructions of limits, in a natural evolution. First, a ruff of 216 syringes, that encircles the neck and changes in an embroidery that sneaks in the first layers of skin of the hand, recreating a map which had been long forgotten, and then this embroidery disappears, the thread disappears but remain the needles that create a growing weave H.A.A.R.P.

- Photo 1: GORGIERA216
- Photo 2: Ricostruzione delle mie impronte in una mappa
- Photo 3: H.A.A.R.P.
- Photo 4: MUOS

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