15 NEUTRI IN ATTESA DI ESSERE - luka moncaleano -

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The installation wants to create a bridge situation between two worlds, one visible to the naked eye , the other accessible through a camera connected to a TV, recalling particular events that occurred during the Chinese Cultural Revolution of '66 .
The entire installation structure uses some elements belonging to that cultural context, now rearranged, depriving them of their signifying connotation, thus obtaining the " neutrals " which have the ability to evolve into something completely different from what they originally represented.
The work consists of 15 white cones made of paper and iron, hanging from the ceiling and placed in 3 rows.
These cones reproduce the long hats used to denigrate and humiliate publicly those who did not agree with the principles promoted by the revolutionary movement. These long headdresses are reproduced but deprived of their meaning, becoming neutral geometric figures, suspended in space awaiting an evolution.
Frontally to the cones is placed a video camera, connected to a TV that shows to the viewers a parallel situation, in contrast with what's in front of them. In fact, the camera is no longer a simple tool for recording a present event that becomes past, it represents a link with a reality that contrasts with what is visible to the naked eye of the viewer.

This reality, transmitted on the television and perceived as contemporary, unlike that of the installation, is " inhabited " by individuals who move through space and interact with the long cones. We therefore create two distinct locations, where time flows in a completely different way .

The first one, the off screen location, becomes an environment where time passes very slowly, seeming almost like frozen in time, while on the screen time runs normally, but it's tied up to the concluded past.

Technical Sheet
Year of execution : 2013
Mixed technique
Size: 3.50 x 3, 50 x 4 m

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